There are many aspects to HR Software. It’s a very broad term. It ranges from e-Recruitment to Payroll and Everything in between. There are many options available: e-Recruitment, Onboarding, Core-HR, Self-Service, T&A, Performance Management, Benefits, LMS, e-learning, Single Sign-on, Social Enterprise Sharing, ERP, Surveying and so on. Having one solution that covers all the key aspects is important for the success of mid-sized businesses. Minimal double handling in the initial stages of the employee life-cycle where there are many transactions in a short space of time is critical to reducing the amount of time spent on administration. E-Recruitment and Employee Onboarding contains many small micro, block chain based transactional processes which can be automated from one single point in Best-of-Breed Cloud HR Software. Examples of this are: Applicant Communication, Applicant Scoring, Applicant Interview Management, Back Ground Checks, Talent Pools, Letter of Offer, Contract, Tax Forms, Superannuation and Pension Forms, Company Policies, Surveys, Personal Details, Single Sign-On, Assigning Company Property, Absence Requests, OH&S Incident Submission, e-Learning Induction and Mandatory Training, Payroll Processing, Probation Feedback, Weekly Feedback Session, 360 Degree Reviews, Rostering, Company Property Returning and Exit Surveys, SSO for Shutting down user accounts.

Having a system that can adapt these micro processes to a business's workflow and business requirements is very important to the success of an HR Software Implementation and the productivity of the business.

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