Employee On-Boarding and HR On-Boarding extend past just new employees. It also needs to cater for existing employees who may be changing jobs and also working on specific project teams. The ability to send information easiy to these people is important. The sending of the informaiton needs to be automated or part of an easy to workflow configuration that allows layman users to use tools that allow them to set-up a chain on check-points and attached relevant documents. So when a user realises that a task requires set-up, they are empowered to create and automate their own processes. Using video creation authoring is also key here. Being able to put together a video and attached it to a process is key. In the workflow tool, the user can see the status of the people who are using the workflow process. They can see when they received it, how long they have to complete and can easily send reminders to people. If there is a bottleneck in the process, the user can be notfied. So, its not really about the type of task, whether is be on-boarding, or off-boarding, the intelligence sits in the workflow tool. Those systems that have hard coded their workflow capability will be left behind very quickly. These systems will be left open to churn.

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