Be sure to check under the bonnet of your next Employee Onboarding Software Solution. It must be flexible and capable of adapting your organisations ever changing needs. After all, each new employee in their varied roles, needs to have their own personalised experience. As well as new employees, existing employees changing roles in positions (also known as cross boarding) need also to have a seamless experience. Being able to configures steps that each person experiences is important. Being able to attach custom forms that you have designed yourself, to each of these stages is also critical. Onboarding sitting on its own is not as powerful as having employee onboarding integrated tightly into the e-Recruitment and Core-HR processes.

Reason being is that there is no manual integration required to share date between systems. Employee onboarding does start with the e-Recruitment process. If you are not hiring the right people, you with be quickly offboarding more people than you onboard. That is for sure. Speaking of Offboarding, the same as onboarding, offboarding requires the ability to easily configure the steps an exiting person, experiences as they leave the business. Onboarding is a small but important part of your overall HR Technology footprint. It’s not strong enough to stand on its own, but when it links directly with all other aspects of your HR Employee Lifecycle Technology, there can be some amazing things happen. Time saving, Cost Saving, Productivity and so on.

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