With HR Automation now something that is mandatory for all Cloud HR systems to have, the focus on the business benefit is based around how much time this type of automation can save businesses. There are many components to employee onboarding. There include:

  • Automatic Contract Sign-off
  • Automatic Background Checking
  • New Starter Checklists
  • Company Policy Sign-Off
  • Welcome Messages
  • Creating New Users Accounts in HR Software using Single Sign-on Technology: OneLogin, Centrify and Okta
  • Tax Form Completion for Countries like: Australia, NZ, UK, USA
  • Pension and Super Choices
  • Automated e-Learning Content Delivery based on Company Culture E.g. Welcome from CEO
  • On-Boarding Questionnaires for New Starters based on their experience

Quantifying the amount of time saved by using an HR Automation platform is key in measuring the Return on investment. For example, of you are hiring 10 People each week, there will be possible a single resource performing a full-time role in-the-area of New Employee Administration. This is a Rapid ROI.

The Key factor in making sure that the HR Technology is effective is in how quickly the system can be implemented and be readily used for the purpose of HR on-boarding. Set-up wizards are a key facet of this. Stepping the key System Administrator users through the process of configuring all the key elements of the HR Onboarding components.

Single Sign-on applications like the ones mentioned above can also be very useful in streamlining the on-boarding experience of Employees. Being able to instantly use one user name and password to access the HR Software System in a self-service environment and also being able to use that one user name and password to access all other business applications like Saleforce.com, DropBox, Netsuite etc from one single login page is also a key part of this enhanced new starter experience.

The difference experienced by a New Employee that encounters this Professional approach to Employee Onboarding is valuable in terms of engagement and retention.

The very latest in People Management Software caters for all aspects of Employee On-boarding but will also manager other key parts of the life-cycle of a person. From the application of a Job to the off-boarding of them. The manner in which HR technology can adapt to a businesses unique workflow processes is critical to the benefits it will be able to offer mid-sized organisations because not all business have the same ways in doing things, although the type of process that needs automation is the standard.

For further information about the Power of HR Onboarding in an Automated manner, please download this White Paper which goes into detail about how HR Onboarding can benefit your business. Download White Paper Here

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