With so much information on Facebook, the challenge for HR Managers and Recruitment managers is about how to engage people, to help with staffing and retention strategies. It appears that most US, SME’s and Enterprises are utilising Social Media to great effect, tapping into an amazing pool of information, to deliver benefits to their businesses at many different levels. Some of these businesses are using specific Social Media management tools and also strategic marketing plans to cost effectively add-value.

The next generation of HRIS Software systems can greatly assist businesses in deliver amazing results in the area of recruitment and retention. Tools such as automated Job Referral and Tracking, as well as Interest Analysis can really help driving HR Management results, whilst managing costs and productivity. Are you using Facebook to build a Talent Community. Engage your audience now!!!

The latest Infographic information provides some amazing insight into how powerful Social media based data is, in particular, the data residing in Facebook (Really!!).

Here are some statistics from the "Facebook Recruiting" Infographic.

  1. Facebook is the second most Trafficed website in the world, trailing only Google, according to Alexa.com
  2. 85% of Internet Users have a Facebook account
  3. 74% of Internet users, use Facebook daily
  4. 42% of people have mentioned a brand in a Facebook status update
  5. 66% of Facebook Users who have liked a brand have 100+ Friends
  6. 84% of Facebook Users who have liked a brand are active of Facebook daily
  7. Top 5 Brands with Career Pages on Facebook (2012) are: Starbucks, Redbull, Playstation, Macdonalds, Levis
  8. 84% of Job Seekers have a Facebook profile
  9. 48% of all Job Seekers, (63% of those with a Facebook Profile) have done at least one Social Job Hunting Activity on Facebook in the last year
  10. 1 in 5 Job Seekers, added professional information to their Facebook profile in the past year
  11. 16% of all Job Seekers received a Job Referral from a Facebook Friend

How to be Awesome on Facebook:

  1. Design beautiful career pages, avoid clutter
  2. Share Fresh and Interesting Content
  3. Listen to Candidates and be Responsive
  4. Engage Prospective hires through Quiz and Contests
  5. Give industry insights, post employee experiences
  6. Schedule updates and monitor results
  7. It takes time, keep at it

Source: Mashable.com

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