This is the challenge. It really is what drives us and challenges us to innovate. Subscribe-HR has done everything to make our platform the most flexible and dynamic on the Market. The flexibility is amazing. But how much time do HR Professionals have to configure. Sure, configurability saves money. It makes set-up much more simple and straight forward, but the challenge is, how can we deliver a solutions, that is out of the box, and meets most core needs, instantly. To enable our Customers to get things firing ASAP. To become productive ASAP. To show Management that the system they have invested in is delivering.

Subscribe-HR has endeavoured to produce a facility to enable the Subscribe-HR system through multi -media, allowing Core Users to Launch and on-board new users and new employees much more fluidly. We document it. We allow it to be changed easily and we allow you to devolve these features quickly. No matter how large your business is. Efficiency is rapid and easy to deliver.

This is based on some core areas that most businesses use in terms of ESS and Manager Self Service. So things like, Absence Requesting and Authorisation, Applying for Vacancies, Submitting Timesheets, Accessing Team Member, Projecting Leave. All Turn Key. Then from there, layers of Custom Features can be added.

It is amazing how far HR Software and Recruitment Software has come in the past 2 Years. No more Payroll Software for HR Matters. User Adoption and Change Management on-line. The Digital Revolution Continues.

Source: Subscribe-HR Blog

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