Start with the lowest hanging fruit. HR is not just about Automation, though automation is key to producing more human contact. For HR to be able to connect more humanly with people in workplaces, they need to move through this worry of losing their jobs by becoming for efficient, as there is another place to move too as a result of doing it. Fundamentally there are tasks that can be automated. Capturing of Data, from Application through to off-boarding, and everything in between. The cause of this will be justification of HR to become wellness experts and it is the responsibility of the CEO to promote this. Wealth disbursement based on based on becoming more efficient. No so much about downsizing based on efficiency.

Some idea include:

  1. So you have more time to spend on strategy because you are: Automating Applicant management, interview automation, contract sign-off automation, tax forms capture, checklists, policy and document sign off, Performance Management and Engagement Surveys.

Guess what, you have now got information at your fingertips so you can put in place programs based on creating a much more enjoyable place to come to work. For example, because HR is now saving the business so much more as a result of increased productivity, profitability etc, you can now work on creating greener more balanced work environments. Also, working on establishing Culture and values alignment between the people and the business.

If you give a damn about people, you may just be working in Human Resources, so why would you not want to get more efficient, focus on top priorities, so people come to work and go home with a sense of belonging. This start with HR Software that can be easily set-up and implemented so that a quick ROI can be achieved.

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