HR is in a lucky position with all the talk about automation causing Job shrinkage. Most HR departments are under resourced so there is very little fat that can be taken out. With the global focus on Job loss through automation, HR Managers are clear beneficiaries of being able to do more with less. Redundant position through automation of repetitive tasks is important for the growth of a business in a way that it will allow Enterprises to increase their revenue per employee and reduce cost per employee. Therefore in having more money to spend on growth, business with focus on Business Values, Culture and Employee Values will be able to create open hearted environments. Without automation and Micromanagement, there becomes too many cracks for things to fall into and this is where frustration occurs. Friction between people in the business and customers that are unhappy which equals churn, and the cycle continues. Sounds simple, well, it is. Is just takes close attention across all departments and feedback processes which can be used to set-up continues improvement strategies.

Talent Management Software is key to the deployment of Strategy and the tracking of strategy in line with employee performance. Creating clear expectations for roles, will allow employees to work with purpose. This purpose needs to cater for the ability for the business to understand the individuals values in order to engage them, which in theory, should improve productivity, retain IP and increase retention. As business focus changes, the way in which senior management communicate this change to their people and then tracking quickly, will mean that there is less stress involve in that growth.

There are not many people leaders in the world who understand the process in which a business can engage people to include their individual values in KPI / Performance Review success. One of these visionaries is Chris Walker @cw_innerwealth . Chris is an expert at leading business executives through the process of aligning culture with employee values. Chris also have an appreciation of how technology can underpin this methodology and allow HR Department to operate in a more productive manner.

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