Do you know how many times an applicant is turning up in your talent search’s. Is there a reason for this? Can you even do talent a talent search in your HR or recruitment system. If not, this means you are reacting rather than pro-acting.

Whether your business is large or mid-sized, it is extremely important to be able to collect and store valuable HR data in way that is can be easily used to produce Competitive Advantage. It’s an old message, that has been spoken about for many years in the HR industry, though effective data mining and querying cannot be delivered by the majority of HR Systems, HR Managers like the idea of being able to do it, though they have not got the tools to support the idea.

No tools, No time. HR software has evolved significantly over the past few years. Now cloud computing leads the way as the preferred Human Resources Software delivery method. It presents significant cost saving to organisations in terms of accessibility and deployment.

Now, the cloud is delivering Big Data management, dovetailing HR into the work of social and search. The challenge for HR Cloud Computing specialists is to enable HR Managers to effectively and rapidly mine this data to make important decisions in the here and now. Another important aspect of this data mining and decision making process is to enable line managers to access the same tools to allow them to be involved with making these decisions.

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