A very important aspect of implementing any solution successfully, is ensuring that all stakeholders are on-board with the project. Historically, HRIS Software has not been collaborative enough to ensure that Finance, Marketing and HR are on the same page, working with the same tools.

Human Resource Software has become inclusive enough to engage Employees (although if not managed, introduced and implemented properly - it doesn't always engage very well), but what about the other seats at the board room table? e-Recruitment software systems that manage talent and promote brand also integrate with social media, enabling Marketing, HR Professionals and Generalists to have meaningful conversations about Employee attraction. The software also enables the strategies that result from such collaborations to be implemented with ease.

HR Software that includes a Performance Management solution as an add-on, allows the entire Executive Management team to have meaningful planning conversations in a collaborative environment. This results in the ability for organisation wide agile pivoting in a collaborative environment because Employees have been included in the change process. Inclusive communication leads to buy-in and higher rates of success. The level of sophistication now available in Performance Management solutions creates rapid alignment of Strategy to Performance Management outcomes by linking to Skills, Goals, Values, Behaviour and Job Descriptions. By doing this quickly and communicating rapidly, HR Professionals can present their value to the business in real-time.

The time saving and productivity improvement by utilising powerful, integrated HR Software with sophisticated algorithms can be realised quickly and time can then be devoted to creating wellness programs for employees and trying the balance productivity with enjoyment, whilst at the same time enhancing performance and aligning culture to output.

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