HR Onboarding Software is a key part of the overall People Management Software Landscape. The HR Software Onboarding reach touches the public domain before someone is hired. This can be seen in the way people find out about Jobs and apply for them. Right from the time they are looking at the active positions on a Website, a business is Onboarding. How the information about the company is delivered to someone, in a clear and concise manner is a critical part of the Onboarding process.

This is important because, without the applicant knowing about the company mission and values and without there being structure Q&A in the process, the actual physical Onboarding of the employee is a costly on. I the person leaves within a 2 year period, the hire has cost a lot more than the productivity of the individual. The streamlining of the Onboarding process relating to areas like: Interview Automation, Contract Sign-Off Automation, Tax Declaration Submission, Welcome Messages, Super choices Capture, Task Automation etc is important as automating these processes allows HR Professionals to have more time to focus on Brand and Retention.

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