A lot of HR Managers that we meet are really good at what they do. They are resource poor. They usually are in got-to motivation mode based on having to get administrative tasks done and are under a lot of pressure to do this and also create culture. Wow, massive task. The base level of solving this got-to motivation (Maslows Hierarchy of Needs), is to automate processes. So instead of have 3 cups of coffee a day to get things done, they are choosing to have one (cause it tastes nice) and focus on mid to high level strategy. Problem is, that is a business is already unorganised, trying to automate tasks in these business will simply highlight the inefficiency. In businesses that have some what of a good management structure, this automation process will add volumes of additional productivity. So it’s a good idea to use a Best of Breed HR Software and e-Recruitment Software system, that is based on HR best Practice and also has the ability to work outside of this, to provide structure to HR Managers, rather than trying to build antiquated processes and customise software. I would say 90 of businesses that we deal with have a good set of structured processes that they need some assistance with automating.

Simply put, most business hire people in a similar manner. The key triggers in the hiring process are the some for most businesses. Most of the hiring needs are the same: Find the best Talent Quickly at at choose to level. Create a Talent Attraction strategy using Culture and Values at a Love to Level and simply sort through candidate profiles at a got to level. Without some type of People Management Automation, it is highly unlikely that People Leaders are going to be able to move up this Hierarchy of Needs if that is a part of the plan.

For a HR Perspective, in the Performance Management arena, most HR professionals, due to their lack of resource are definitely in the got to, possibly in the need to and want to phases. Though the latter two would be smaller percentages than the first. Simply having the Performance Review in an on-line Talent Management Software solution is the KPI. Once this is done, as long as they have the technology to support test, review, iterate process, they can be moving into Values and Culture based HR Strategy and more dynamic ways of gathering real-time feedback information then using this data to create succession, flight risk and project based Talent Pools.

Bottom-line is, as a HR Technology provider, you have to present cost savings to HR Managers, CEO's, Finance Managers etc. To promise blue sky in terms of over culture and values enhancement is great, but unless you are able to initially present cost savings, HR Managers Jobs of justifying HR Tech Spend is challenged. Start at the Got to, Move to Need to and Want to, reduce your admin time, them draw the big bows and focus on Top Level Choose too and Love too.

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