HR Software is part of the fabric of a business. More and more, businesses are looking for ways to automate processes and reduction inefficiency. Using HR Software needs to allow for tangible cost savings and productivity increases. Its needs to be able to adapt to a business workflow process and data management requirements. Without this, the value of it will decrease quickly, because people will become frustrated with the inability of the HR Software to adapt.

User Experience is part of the overall shelf-life of a system. The interface needs to be pleasant but not the whole value proposition of the system. Many HR Software systems paint false hope in presenting the UX well, but leaving the engine covered up, only for it to be exposed when the real grunt work needs to be done.

Now with open API’s, the best of breed model of software delivery is alive and thriving. You can pick and choose those systems that provide the best value in silos, then plug them together to form your chosen business system Eco System. E-Recruitment, Employee Onboard, Core-HR, Self-Service, Performance, Surveys, e-Learning, Learning and Development, Payroll, CRM, Financials, Single Sign-on, AWS all working together to automate what they were built to automate.

Automation will not replace people. The purpose of automation is to allow people to be more of a being, more of the time, and allow the human element to enjoy the now, without being swamped by administrative and repetitive tasks.

Business need to stop trying to manipulate people to work harder. Allow them to do less stressful work, more efficient work, so they can go home better off. This is how you keep people and reduce churn. This flows also into the consideration of a 4 day work week.

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