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Performance Management Software Solution Data Sheet

Need: When we have planning meetings with management, the roll-out process for the strategy is time consuming. It would be great to have a tool which allows Managers to update skills, goals, values, behaviours and job descriptions directly into the review process so that an agile approach to planning and operations can be achieved.

Solution: Subscribe-HR has developed the capability to load Announcements into the Performance Solution for distribution to both the entire business, or to each specific department. Each department lead or HR can update relevant Skills, Goals, Values, Behaviours and Job Descriptions and communicate these changes to the people in their departments. By doing this, the key attributes for managing performance can be deployed into the live employee environment so that reviews and feedback can be utilised instantaneously, which allows the business to be more productive and efficient. Each strategic announcement / change in focus / organisational pivot can be taken through this process as well as enabling new review types being assigned to Jobs.

Need: The Performance Review process creates a lot of work for HR and Managers, which burdens them unnecessarily.

Solution: Subscribe-HR’s HR Software and HRIS Software allows you to easily set-up reviews without the need for customisation and coding. Different reviews can be linked to different Jobs if needed.

Need: When we want to make changes to the review process, it takes a lot of time and money to reconfigure the forms which Employees and managers use to perform the review itself.

Solution: Subscribe-HR allows System Administrator users to create and define each review form, using tools which cater for workflow processing, elements, rating scales etc. This allows the business to cater for the pivots that inevitably arise as a result of doing business, resulting in huge cost savings and an increase in productivity.

Need: Our business wants to capture real-time information about one-on-one meetings and recognition received from colleagues and Managers so that the review process is more balanced and performance reviews are consistently spread across the year. We don’t think performing reviews on an annual and bi-annual basis provides realistic and accurate information on performance of Employees.

Solution: Subscribe-HR has a feedback facility whereby Employees can provide feedback to anyone in the business. This promotes values, behaviours and skills being displayed right across the business instead of just within a department. In this way, values and behaviours become part of the DNA of the business a demonstrable manner. The data that is captured also assists Managers with providing information that would normally would have to be remembered, or filed away in paper or e-mail. Time is saved, people are less stressed during the review process and the review is far more accurate.

Need: We want to be able to use 360 Degree surveys in conjunction with the standard type of review process, but we find the current Surveying tool cumbersome because it is not part of HR. Rather it is a Survey tool which is not HR best-of-breed, like Survey Money.

Solution: Subscribe-HR has an integrated survey tool, which allows you to deploy HR Surveys for directly in the Subscribe-HR system. All surveys history and responses by Employees or external stakeholders are stored directly against the Employee record. Non-system users can also respond to surveys allowing for great 360 Degree Review surveying capabilities.

Need: How do we manage salary Increase and bonuses in the most effective way, to get the best out of our Employees?

Solution: Subscribe-HR allows Managers to be assigned a budget each month, so that they can provide their team with smaller rewards for the feedback they have received in that month, which ultimately creates a more balanced, less skewed effort.

Need: Learning and development can be expensive and hard to align to Performance. It would save so much time and make the business so much more productive if we had a method which allows for people to connect with Mentors or Managers to learn in real-time, on the Job.

Solution: The Organise, Supervise, Deputise functionality of the Performance Management solution is like an Action Plan that can be set-up between the Manager and Employee or Employee and Mentor. The Organise part of the Action Plan is based on outlining what needs to be learnt, incluidng skills, behaviour etc. The Supervise part is what intervention is going to be used: Mentor, Training, Knowledge base, On-line Training etc. The Deputise part is based on certifying, either by a Manager or completion of and on-line/face-to-face course, that the person has obtained this outcome. Each of the end-points in Organise, Supervise, Deputise, Performance Reviews and Surveys can be used to formulate an auto-calculation (Pi) score in a given period, for each Employee. Knowledge base articles can also be submitted into OSD as part of the learning, so that if there are any other Employees that can benefit from it, it can be searched for by the entire organisation.

Need: How do I create succession planning with all this data in the Performance Management solution?

Solution: Subscribe-HR allows you to automatically build Talent Cubes using definitions which populate the Talent Pool with Employees that match your definition/s. This means that you can then use the Talent Pool information to run succession based IQ searches with the option to move people into different roles based on new Action OSD Plans with readiness dates (Deputise Dates).

Need: How do I make meaning of all the data relating to a person’s performance across a period of time?

Solution: Each Employee has an analysis tool option which can be used to calculate an auto-score (Pi score) for their performance. The auto-score is derived based on a formulae option that can be selected and customised. All end-point information will be used to calculate the score and all details within the period will be displayed in a format which is easy to read and arrive at outcomes. Dashboard views can also be set-up so that potential and performance graphs present meaningful information to Managers.

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