By Making People productivity 24/7, HR Managers are presenting value to their business even when they are not at work. For example, in the evening, when an applicant applies for a Job, they are being professionally managed using HR Technology and HR Automation. Not only are they being sent communication messages, they are being automatically sorted into Talent Cubes, which are built using Definitions. Which in-tern, are then to be used to engage the same people automatically by sending them Job Alerts, at any time when their profile matches a future Vacancy that becomes available. Not only this, but HR Technology will also calculate a short list score of the Applicant Automatically, so that the Person processing the Vacancy (HR, Manager or Hiring Manager), gets an instant view of why people are good matches for positions. High value e-recruitment systems will allow end users to configure options per customer, rather than having to customise.

When an Applicant is hired, at any time of the day, they can be sent onboarding information like Tax Forms, Welcome e-mails, Videos, Checklists and more. All of these items can be set-up to send automatically. Once again demonstrating the nature of making People Productivity 24/7. The value of this HR Software power is clear to CEO’s and other executives, giving HR Managers the support they need to implement and grow their coverage in the business without increasing HR Head-count.

When an Employee Starts with the business, there will be instant compliance management HR Software Technology, for example, Company Policy Management and Sign-off. OH&S information can be delivered to Employees including Videos which relevant questionnaires ensuring that they are informed about high business risk information. This is based on e-Learning content which can be embedded in Intelligent Survey Capability, triggered automatically, based on dates and employee life-cycle occurrences. Once again, clear demonstration of HR Software Technology making People Productivity 24/7.

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