Subscribe-HR is releasing new functionality in to the Platform on the 16th of April 2018. This release relates to New Employee Onboarding and New Interface. New Employee Onboarding will allow users to set-up configurable Onboarding processes which can be used by New Employees to onboard themselves into the business. This can be done using Mobile Devices. Not only can the Workflow Steps be used for Onboarding, Workflow Steps can be set-up to Crossboard and Offboard People. Workflows can be triggered one onboarding has been completed. For examples, you may want to trigger new starter checklists once the new employee has finished onboarding. Or you may want to send Company Property Assignment forms to Managers so they can assign Company Property the New Employee/s. Steps that you may like to considering setting up in your onboarding / crossboarding / Offboarding are: Letter of Offer, Contract Sign-Off, Welcome Videos and Messages, Company Policies, Surveys, Tax Forms, Super / Pension Forms, Training Related Compliance Learning and so on. Likewise, for offboarding, you may like to set-up offboarding processes like: Exit Survey, Property Return Questionnaires and so on. For Crossboarding you can select an employee and send them Crossboarding Steps when they are moving to a different Job, Location etc.

HR Managers have the ability to Manage all of these processes through a Dashboard. They can trigger Manual Process, See Where a Process is at and Cancel a Process. Line Managers can also be involved in Managing processes.

The New Interface is completely mobile responsive. Subscribe-HR does not produce Mobile APPS, rather, we produce a completely mobile responsive system, due to the enterprise nature of the system and our ability to add functionality into the platform.

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