Subscribe-HR has recently completed a Platform Extension which allow for RESTful API integration to be configured through files rather that having to code each integration specifically. What this means for the market is that when an integration needs to be set-up e.g. a Payroll Integration, Subscribe-HR can set it up within 1-2 Days. As long at the third party Software system also has a restful API.

Most HR Software providers are not able to perform integrations easily. In-fact most providers use complexity and cost as an excuse not to integrate and keep their customers trapped into old outdated technology.

Our latest RESTful API integration with CloudPayroll can be set-up within two days using configuration files. This integration includes all the key endpoints which are required for provided a comprehensive integration. Including: Employee Masterfile, Absence, Address, Superannuation, Banks, Salary, Accruals, Payslips etc.

Here are some technical details relating to the Subscribe-HR Cloud HR Software Platform and how it has been designed with innovation in mind.

SHaRpi is an integration app that allows linking of two or more APIs together using only a json template. It also includes detailed logging and integration with common Subscribe-HR features like SSQL.

The definition is a combination of independent blocks each with its own purpose. Blocks are then combined into a pipeline which outlines where the data is coming from, how it should be transformed and where it should be saved. This documentation will provide full API reference for each block and include examples of real configurations.

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