Employee Surveys and HR Surveys are key to understanding your people. There are not many HR Software systems that cater for this requirement from within the system itself. Most HR Managers use Survey Monkey to gauge what is going on with their people.

Survey opportunities exists right across the employee life-cycle and there has been a lot of talk about Pulse Surveys, which are used in companies like Deloitte. If there is too much work needed to trigger a survey and then use the data that has been captured in a meaningful way then the benefits of Employee and HR surveys is quickly forgotten.

Being able to trigger surveys and use the data that is captured, in a meaningful way is powerful. Capturing responses and storing this information against the Employee, or linking it to a Performance Review is giving HR Departments and HR Teams huge competitive advantage.

Real-time feedback and pulse surveys are fabulous ways in which to understand the workforce. Linking this information directly to a Performance Review and being able to score responses automatically, flowing this through to the overall Employee Performance Review score is where the revolution in Automated HR and Employee Surveys and Talent Management is.

The issues with most Survey processes is that the operational execution of the survey is difficult and time consuming.

Here is a list of the types of Surveys that need to be able to be triggered Automatically within your Talent Management Software System:

  • Applicant Questionnaires / Surveys with Scoring and Weighting based on Attribute Profiling and Short listing
  • Interview Panels Surveys
  • New Hire Surveys
  • New Starter Surveys
  • Probation Surveys
  • Job Satisfaction Surveys Linked to Job Description
  • Pulse Surveys based on daily, weekly, monthly parameters
  • Supplier Surveys
  • 360 Degree Surveys
  • Manager Employee Surveys
  • Exit Surveys
  • General Satisfaction Surveys
  • Manager Team Summary Surveys
  • Organisation Wide Climate Surveys
  • Real-time Feedback Surveys
  • Training Satisfaction Surveys
  • Manager Satisfaction Surveys
  • Benchmark Surveys
  • Change in CEO Surveys
  • Public Listing Surveys

Issues that can be covered by a HR Survey:

  • Thoughts about work environment
  • Job Description guidelines
  • Career Path
  • Manager Performance
  • Business Values Alignment
  • Remuneration
  • Strategic Direction

Example Employee Survey Questions:

  • I understand my Job Role Clearly
  • I am motivated to do my best
  • Manager Care about excellent Customer Service
  • My Immediate Manager makes it clear what is expected of me at work
  • I see myself working for the Company in the next 12 months
  • My role is a good match for my skills
  • There are Opportunities to develop my Career
  • Do you see a lot of waste in the business
  • Do you feel you are rewarded for your efforts

Example Strength and Opportunity Matrix Employee Survey Report:

Subscribe-HR Employee Survey Stregth and Opportunity Survey Results Matrix.jpg

When designing the survey, question types and audience need to be factored in to the design of the survey questionnaire. Open ended questions work in certain situations and not others. They are also harded to report on and analyse if there is a mass of data. Making the Survey anonymous is also one factor you may like to consider. People are more likely to be open if they are not fearful of backlash. The more detail you put into the responses the more likely you are too be able to use the information in menaingful way.

Demographic Questionnaires can be intrusive. Though if you are using an integarted surveying tool that existing within your HR Cloud Software system, this demographic information will already be available.

The Frequency of the surveys can depend on many things. Usually resourcing and the benefit of using an integrated HR surveying APP is that you will save so much time of setting up and sending surveys due to the automated nature of this system, meaning you will be able to be more agile and proactive with your surveying.

Most importantly, you must act on the Survey Feedback. For example, there is no point in sending Pulse Surveys on a weekly basis if there is no action of what the feedback is.

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