At the start of a business, or at a point in time during each year, there will inevitably be the need to do planning sessions with the executive team. This process is really important and creative. Creating the mission, deciding on the values, behaviours, skills and setting goals.

Some of these areas may change rarely depending on other factors. Some business's change things rapidly, requiring growth based pivots. For example, an acquisition may occur and as a result, the business and departments evolve. A company may be very much focused on sustainability and ethics, and therefore Values and Behaviours and Job Descriptions. Once this information has been put in place, it needs to be communicated to the rest of the business. Subscribe-HR, HRIS Software, HR Software and e-Recruitment Software allows this to be done quickly and effectively. Announcements can be performed at the Department Level, and All business. When the plans have been authorised, the details / attributes can be deployed into the operational level, where employees can start acting and delivering based on these skills, goals and behaviours.

Performance Reviews and also be assigned into these Jobs so results can be tracked immediately. Analysis for employees can be performed based on end-point calculations, with smaller and more frequent rewards being provided by managers, with bonus budgets easily set. Subscribe-HR believes that real-time actions plans, are a fabulous way to upskill employees, utilising mentors and managers. Organise, Supervise, Deputise, is a unique way in which, an employee or a manager can engage one another to set plans, interventions and outcomes. Outcomes, which can be included in Performance Review Scoring, updated into the Subscribe-HR Knowledgebase and then re-cycled into future mentor planning etc.

Employee based Talent Pools can be automatically built, using definitions which search for attributes that are held by people, and as a result of having them, they are automatically written into that pool. This links directly with the Subscribe-HR e-Recruitment Software and Talent Management Software Tool (Talent Search) which searches for Applicants and Employees based on requirements for positions. This is is done prior to posting to Jobs Boards, to save dramatically on time-to-hire and cost of hire.

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