Why do Talent Pools help organisations that are downsizing? With the innovation of technology that is seen in the market at the moment, it becoming clear that HR is moving to the head of the class in terms of the input it needs to provide to make their businesses in order to provide more productivity and competitive advantage. Technology is the enabler.

Older HR Software and Recruitment Software is no longer adequate and payroll systems were never really designed to be in the HR environment as Payroll is really a finance function. Streaming data should now be the focus of the HR department.

The complete employee life-cycle at your fingertips. Trending of successful employees and what their journey has been with the business. Tracking successful journeys and seeing what was specific to that individual on their journey that make them successful. Where were they hired, how long did it take them to be hired, what was the source etc? Comparing this information, analysing it and them using this data to make future decisions. The current paradigm of linking performance to organisational objectives will the superseded by linking Personal Objectives to Business Objectives. This is a very important part of the Employee Journey. What makes them tick and how can this be used to drive business performance. The new Paradigm is just around the corner.

Current HRIS Software technology, unless it has been built in the past 5 years, will not be able to leverage information in such a way as to provide big data, strategic input into decision making for HR. Running static reports is no-longer going to be adequate. Performance management needs to engage people in a much more intrinsic manner. The focus is on performance management software providers to harness the power of this data and present it in a way that it can be used quickly and effectively.

The Employee Journey starts at the front door, which in HR terms is Recruitment and Selection. How do e-Recruitment system, engage and motivate people to apply for jobs. It has to be more about tapping into the human spirit that just about money to pay the bills. This is what engagement needs to be bout: how to motivate people at the intrinsic values level and promoting this new paradigm at the front door. Talent Pools, if structured properly, assist HR managers analyse data and help them harness people power so they can do more with less. The become conductors rather than band members

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