The recent talk of the LinkedIn by Microsoft presents the HR Software market with new opportunities to evolve the way in which business use data for efficiency and productivity purposes. E-Recruitment Software and Job Boards will be asked to evolve into Talent Marketing systems, which allow business to choose which type of channel they wish to use based on the audience they want to attract. Remember, not all candidates use LinkedIn as their preferred source of truth for Personal career information. I think it’s safe to say that Linkedin will definitely put a lot more pressure on the CV now Microsoft has teamed up with LinkedIn. With Office365 integration, Skype and other Microsoft products now going to be more tightly integrated into a captive audience, the big unknown is how much of the data in LinkedIn will be used for CRM, upsell of Microsoft Products and how much of the system will be used for out and out HR Software delivery. I think its safe to say that building a Global HR Software system is even a big ask for Microsoft, but taking the LinkedIn data and using this for upsell and CRM benefits is a no brainer. Particularly if you factor in Salesforce into the equation. The LinkedIn sale was huge, but I think the sale of to Microsoft will be even bigger and really cement Microsoft as the leading Enterprise systems provider in the work. Diversifying their interest from Consumer based SaaS to B2B sales in the Enterprise Software Space. Oracle may pose a threat to this playing out and it will be interesting to see how Larry Ellison connects the dots.

It will be great to see Microsoft, who is known for being an open systems integrator, re-establish LinkedIn API communications with the world. It is understood that LinkedIn shut down a lot of their API’s to drive their turnover upwards, but now they have achieved their goal, I think it going to allow for more information sharing again.

Back to the point about different channels for different purposes, what is for sure is that an e-Recruitment Software system will need to allow business to quickly deploy campaigns into a selected channel, easily. For example, if a business wants to use an Agency, then opening up access to the agency for them to be able to submit candidates is important. If social media works well, for retain customers, then this channel needs to be able to be engaged. Historically, referrals have worked really well in terms of reducing cost of hire and time to hire and therefore, how does the HR team announce Vacancies to their people, and track the referral process. How is the IP of the HR department managed effectively. With what is called internal agency data. Job Alerts and more.

So, the aggregation of data into one global system will work well in the short term, but local people want local expertise, usually. Look at Uber. That stats still suggest that most professional people in CBD areas still catch Cabs. After the hype and the pop culture subsides, reality suggest that, things correct themselves naturally and profitability is reality.

This bring us to a point of common sense and responsibility, which lies in the hand of those that value companies and put together IPO’s. If you watch movies like the wolf of wall street and the big short, there needs to be some authenticity in the way companies acquire customers. A cash positive position is sanity, and that sanity is the basis in which a strong customer base can be developed. Without this approach, there is a risk of an unsustainable model in which bubbles pop and people get let out in the cold. There is nothing wrong with building a bridge which is stable and structured well. Though when this becomes totally designed to deceived for the benefit of the elite few, the question of ethics needs to be examined closely. The churn and burn model is out dated. Companies performing back door listing with turnover of 100K just do not make any sense (Smells of the old pink tickets). If companies are willing to take this approach, what else are they willing to do. Proof is in the DD.

Microsoft is the pioneer of Software. The company has been doing it for longer than anyone else, period. A lot of people complain about them, though if you look at the way they have changed not only the way we do business, they have also changed the way mums, dads and kids do stuff. My most recent experience with Microsoft customer service was also memorable. They are great at delivering product. Great Next Step.

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