Subscribe-HR is about to release our new Employee Onboarding, Crossboarding and Offboarding Software - all wrapped up into the Employee Onboarding software solution. The New system allows users to create processes and link them to things like Job and Locations. This enables HR and Departments to delivered a tailored approach to each onboarding and cross boarding and offboarding of people. Each process has steps associated for example: Letter of Offer, Contract, Questionnaire, Quiz, Survey, Welcome, Company Policies, Tax Form, Super, Pension form. Combine this with Single Sign-On Capabilities and LMS integration and you have an extremely powerful combination. E-Recruitment and Onboarding is the doorway to for your new people, so it’s important this this is done well.

All functionality needs to be mobile responsive. Managers and HR need to be able to interact with Onboarding workflows to allow for quick access and process to be optimised. When a new employee starts, information needs to be also shared with other business applications, using SSO capabilities. The system include ERP systems like Netsuite and MicrOsoft Dynamics and T&A system like Deputy. The complete onboarding picture is not just about the information processing but also about sharing data seamlessly around the business. Increasing data integrity, compliance and reducing administration. Like onboarding, crossboarding and offboarding process can also be automated with digital data capture.

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