There is nothing new about Performance Management Software. There is  a lot new about how Performance Management Software can be set-up and deployed for maximum value. Generally, HR Software has been far too difficult to set-up. There are many problems encountered by businesses trying to implement complex workflows, import large HR Data Sets and allowing Employees across various locations to access systems.

All too often, large amounts of professional services have been needed to execute these implementations. Partly because that is how Software companies have made money. Now there has been a shift in the way in which businesses consume HR Software. There are basically three camps. One. Systems that have been made look nice, but lack any enterprise strength to make a difference when it comes to the heavy lifting needed by a business to make a difference in HR Automation. They are based on instant gratification. Which is ok if you are operating a smaller business. At least you can store all your employee information in one spot and have people using the system basically as a company directory. Two. Systems that have Platform based Enterprise strength, and allow for multiple types of workflow processing and data capture automation. These systems allow for data to be imported quickly. They allow for Forms to be built and linked to Workflow processing easily. They allow for Data integrations to be plugged in and they also allow for more complex self-service access to be implemented without complex BA process and customisation workouts. Three. Enterprise System that are hosted in the cloud. They look good and are expensive to roll-out. Still don’t contain much configuration ability.

In Performance Management, the ability to go from a Paper form, to an electronic format quickly is important. The ability to configure this Performance Management forms and link workflow processing to it so that different reviews can be deployed to Jobs easily and effectively is important. Historically, Performance Review processes have taken far too much time and resource to set-up and deploy. Impacting on the effectiveness of the over all process. The stress and time taken for Employees and Managers to complete for Performance Review process and the time taken for HR and other business leaders to analyse data has made effective performance review processes hard to run. All too often, people have had to try and use memories and data sitting in many different system and therefore there is much inaccuracy in the reviews. Reviews have also be secular, with little inclusiveness. Now there are systems that capture performance information in real-time, across a whole business, to ensure that performance reviews are less stressful, time consuming and more productive.

Performance Management Software has been around for a long time. Mostly, these systems are hard to set-up and change, if the need arises. They lack the ability to be able to pivot models, without a massive system overhaul. Because times change, you need to be supported by HR Software Technology that changes with your business. Otherwise you will get stuck and there is very little change in getting funding for new technology if the wrong decision has been made about your chosen HR Software System.

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