Next Gen HRIS Software (SaaS) is perfectly placed to become the Digital Hub that Joins a Workforce to the Web. Opening up a new world of opportunity in terms of what can be provided to Hire, Train, Motivate and Retain people. The next gen HRIS Software System, goes beyond traditional HR Functions Like Performance, Absence etc. They provide collaboration, analysis and meaning, with timely delivery of information, ideas in which to inspire and become more productive.

It is the HR Managers responsibility to align the strategic vision of a business with the technological delivery or tools, that deliver this strategy. In fact, HR’s role is probably the most challenging within the whole business in terms of keeping up with Technology Adoption and trends, in order to understand the workforce, talk-the-talk and walk the walk.

With support from their IT counterparts, there will be a need to deliver a blend of Business Specific Systems and engagement Tools and Systems which define the innovative culture of the Organisation.

Now, are you offering rewards to refer talent through Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. Are you performing real-time surveys through a Web Service integration, are you collaborating through Yammer, are you analysing through on-demand BI, are you helping with the delivery of information to these avenues with feeds in from Apps which are shared and recommended through Employee Networks.

All pieces to the puzzle, which is the New SaaS Eco-System. How will you put in together?

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