The rate and way in which businesses develop their staff is the most key ingredient in a wellness focused, sustainable work environment. Action Plans with Manager and Employee engagement in real-time will make work enjoyable and exciting. This action plan methodology allows the human element to be harnessed using technology to enable a rapid dynamic structure promoting key skills linked to Culture and Values.

E-Recruitment software is key to the attraction and sourcing phase and allowing the establishment of culture and values based, sustainable talent sourcing. Learning and micro type engagement can be used as attraction tools. So for example, you can tap into your Applicants and assign tasks to them which utilise their skills and expertise, which hiring them as full-time employees.

Automation of HR On-boarding which brings the new people into the business effectively and efficiently is fundamental to allow new hires to hit the ground running and for HR and Managers to not lose time doing administration tasks.

Then, Learning starts. Too often, Face-to-face structure training is used as a stop gap measure, though it is usually not engaging and let’s face it, most people learn better in real-life environments. So, the way in which you allow employees and managers to engage each other and pass knowledge on the Job, build wellbeing through human contact and also bridges learning gaps quickly at a fraction of the cost. The way in which technology supports these relationships is key. For example, if you choose to run mentoring, in the action plan, how do you quickly find someone who can help with the passing of the relevant knowledge. Quick Skills and experience searches proves invaluable.

So once you have found the right person or learning content, there needs to be some timelines put in place for development and then certification that the person has actually got the new skill. Perhaps you want to see who the top mentors are, so that you can keep them in the business and manage them as possible flight risks. You may also want to set-up task based workflows from the action plan as there may be some things that need to be organised for the learning. Let’s say for example that there is some e-learning content that you need help to put together. It is important in the learning phase to be able to search a knowledge based to see if other people have been through the same learning process. So perhaps instead of a mentor, the mentor has documented the learning and put the information in the knowledge base. Or even an Amazon book has bene found and linked to the action plan. This model which measures the learning, keeps the knowledge from being lost and tracks productivity is the way of the future.

It is currently only been made into HR Software Technology by the leading global HR Software and Talent Management Software companies. Subscribe-HR is leading the way in this agile learning and development model and using all the data that is collected automatically in Performance Reviews. What an amazing time saving. Performance Management Software is now not about once a year management, its about hour by hour and day by day engagement, retention and Succession Planning


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