Let’s face it, implementing a new HR Software system or new HRIS software system is not easy. There are so many moving parts to manage. It is made even harder when the technology that is being implemented is old and clunky and requires developers to be involved to change things or the cloud HR Software system is not build as a Platform as a Service, to enable for front-end changes to the applications including workflow, forms, reports.

Now Cloud HR Software is making it much easier for an effective implementation and roll-out to your business.

HR Onboarding processes also need to be able to be able to change easily, otherwise the chance of success of the implementation are limited, as all businesses want slightly different things. Workflow tools that allow for processing changes to be done on the fly are critical to the success of a HRIS Software roll-out. To make this easier, these changes need to be able to be done through the interface.

HR Technology has undergone a drastic change over the last 5 years. It has really lead the Cloud Business Software Market evolution. Investors plunged over 2 billion dollars into the market in 2015 according to mainstream reports. This demonstrates need for HR process automation and employee engagement.

HR Software really needs to start by improving HR Processes so that HR Professionals can free themselves up to be able to add value to the business and ultimately changing the way in which Employees are treated, not as a matter of profit or productivity, but as a matter of providing a foundation of ethical caring.

The focus of HR Technology is really going to be based on how Employees and Managers interact with people, effectively and in real-time. How they interact with each other based on processes like Performance, Feedback, Learning, Task Automation and Productivity. The next layer is based on proving information for the the general wellbeing of people. Exercise, diet, rest and relaxation.

People Management Software and Talent Management Software is a huge growth area globally. There is some great information available through Deloitte Consulting and Bersin.

An amazing figure which suggests that for example, Deloitte employees were spending, more than 1 Million hours per year on old and outdated processes. Even companies like Adobe, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley were doing the same. This is where Task Automation and Productivity measures are important, as well as learning collaboration and content distribution being key. HR Software becomes People Management Software and Business Processing software.

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