Subscribe-HR is committed to providing customers with the latest, most efficient means of streamlining HR processes and procedures. We are pleased to announce that the new LinkedIn Job Wrapping Service is now available through the Subscribe-HR e-Recruitment Software and HR Software system. Improve your time-to-hire and enhance your ability to tap into Passive Candidate pools accurately. This integration will also greatly reduce the amount of time you spend on manually keying in data and greatly inhance your recruitment automation. The LinkedIn Job Wrapping service integration with Subscirbe-HR will allow users to provide information from your Subscribe-HR Jobs board directly and automatically to LinkedIn Jobs. The benefit of this service is that LinkedIn can pick-up (Scrape) defined data, and pre-defined classifications from your Subscribe-HR Jobs Board automatically, which can significantly reduce time-to-hire and improve your access to Passive Candidates. The additional benefit of the LinkedIn Job Wrapping Service is that the Jobs posted through this service stay loaded and more visible for an extended period. This means that the Passive Candidate Pools that exist in LinkedIn, are engaged more effectively as they are still accessible 12-15 days after the Ad has been posted (which is a peak Passive Candidate engagement period). With the normal/current Job Posting Service, most Jobs are accessed in the first 48 Hours due the way each new Ad is posted to the top of the Jobs List.

Key benefits of the LinkedIn Job Wrapping service via your Subscribe-HR e-Recruitment HRIS Software solution:

Optimise your investment in LinkedIn Job Slots by keeping them filled at all times.

Automatically post jobs from Subscribe-HR to the LinkedIn Jobs Network.

Any job updates are automatically updated on LinkedIn.

Eliminate manual posting and manual renewal of Job Slots on LinkedIn.

Maximise exposure of all of your jobs to active and passive candidates on LinkedIn.

Flexible criteria selection for those jobs you choose to be automatically wrapped.

To Download the LinkedIn Job Wrapping Overview Click below.

Discover how Subscribe-HR's e-Recruitment solution and integrated LinkedIn Job Wrapping service can help you tap the world's largest professional network to gain ccompetitive advantage.

Source: Subscribe-HR Blog

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