The term HR Software has been around for a long time. HR Meaning Human Resources or Human Resource. Not a very flattering term. Human Resources are people. Human Capital is a little more glossy though both really convey people as numbers.

Since early 2000, HR Software was transitioning from Localised database programs utilising databases like Foxpro to client server technology, where the buzz was around shared executables tapping into Relational Databases like Microsoft SQL Server. Earlier in the 90’s HR or Human Resources was referred to as personnel. HR Software transformed the Personnel Management Office, into the Human Capital or Human Resource Department. Now HR has become People Management and People Wellness Management.

People Management has been underpinned by the rebellion of HR Software into the cloud. The cloud has made all forms of Software more accessible to all Employees or People in the business. HR Software, which was primarily for HR Departments and Payroll Teams has become a crowd sourced processes whereby every single person, from applicant, to business supplier, interacts with what is now called People Management Software. People can be individual and are treated as such within this new environment. Profiling of Employees/People as well as engagement of them into Pulse Surveys or People Engagement Surveys is a classic case of how the new form of HR Software in automatically interacting with people as individuals and providing them with a voice. So they do not feel like a number.

There is little doubt that People Management is one of the most significant aspects of managing all businesses and thankfully for People Managers (AKA HR Managers), start-up culture has allowed them to source the latest in Software Technology, to run their areas of responsibility. For too long, they have been treated like a cost centre and not a profit centre. Technology has had a massive impact on this transition.

The key now, is how to HR Tech Companies challenge themselves to make 90% of their revenue for subscriptions and reduce the amount of implementation services that they charge for. This is where the next stage of rebellion can be seen. Change Management automation, and allowing the set-up of these People Management Software Systems and Talent Management Software Systems to be easy. Not taking away the enterprise nature of a Software Platform, but integrating this into Automated Change Management Tools within the HR Software.

This is going to allow HR Managers to move from a Got to motivational mode, to a love to inspirational outlook. This is where strategic decisions and planning can be done more often than not.

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