Having an integrated system that allows you to hire people in a smooth insightful fashion is the start of the onboarding process. This starts from the time a requisition to hire is initiated in your HR Software. When this requisition is authorised, and a new Vacancy is created and posted to your Jobs Board, your onboarding process starts. The manning in which an applicant starts to apply for a Vacancy is key. They need to be smoothly ushered into the recruitment process, by identifying them as a new or existing applicant. New Applicants need to be able to set their profile up. The profile is where key onboarding processes can be pushed onto the person. Using a unique identifier, being their user name and password, the person can have self-service access to recruitment on onboarding tasks like Interview Timeslot selection, contract sign-off after they have initially applied for a Vacancy. The way in which an e-recruitment software systems can profile the Applicant and Automatically start scoring them, means that the business is getting the best people in the fastest possible way. This is key to onboarding applicants and employees. Onboarding does not just start when a new employee starts with the business. The New Employee onboarding part of onboarding people is where employment information can be pushed to the new person that they their first day at work can be made efficient and enjoyable. Signing off on company policies, Interacting with Welcome Messages and Videos, Submitting Tax Declarations and Super Choices forms to the Tax Office. All important parts of the first day at work of a new employees. Onboarding can also relate to existing people and new Jobs that they move too. Onboarding of existing employees into new Jobs is also a key element of an integrated e-recruitment software, employee onboarding software and HR software system. Being able to change onboarding tasks per Job or location is also an key element of ensuring that people onboarding is done well. Onboarding new people also dovetails into where they will get their First Payslip and where they will request their first annual leave instance. All of these tasks need to form part of the overall smooth onboarding on employees. Onboarding is not something that starts and then just stops once a person has been with a business for 1 week. It is on ongoing process. If you onboard.me, I want to be able to complete a whole range of tasks from the time I apply for my first vacancy to the time I leave the business. New Company Policies form existing employees. This is onboarding employees into a new process which includes people that may have been with the business for years.

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