How to create a brand. For the likes of RedBull, Google at el, it’s not rocket science. For other businesses, trying to sell products and services in me too markets it much more challenging. There are many elements to make this work, and there are experts out there that can help with this process. Part of the value proposition of this process is to include how the people of the business fit into the purpose of the picture for if this is not done effectively, there becomes a disconnect between the two. The businesses reason for being, whether it be inspiration or purposeful, has to connect with the people of promote or deliver the product or service and this is where HR’s job begins. All too often, the CEO / COO, are frantically trying to deliver bottom line results with this integrated approach. Now, it is understood that this integration is not easy, though if you look at things long term, the results can be amazing and, sustainable.

As mentioned, there are experts who can assist with the process of working out your reason for being which can then cascade down into, the mission and values of the business. One of these model is the Why, What How process. This is a very effective platform that can help with quickly defining how the business defines itself against others or itself. Like it or not, scalability and agility are two key components of how a business will be able to build and maintain its competitive advantage. The old saying, evolve or shrink is key. With the latest statistics suggesting that workforces will shrink over the next 10 – 15 years, the figures suggest that business are focused on automation and productivity, which effectively is putting pressure on middle-management.

Subscribe-HR is constantly changing. There are thousands of dollar invested in every line of code. Do we value this? Well, if we don’t our customers won’t and slowly the business is evolving the innovative checking process to ensure that each line of code is valued in a way that it deserves. With cost pressures and quality demands, there is no other way that to Organise, Supervise and Deputise in all areas of the business, including the relationship between the Subscribe-HR and the market. How does Subscribe-HR deliver the best, HR People Loving, friction Point Automation Software to HR Professionals in Australia and around the World? By using Innovative Scalability and Agility underpinned by a passion for Helping.

So, with that part of the process in place, how does the business engage to right people, to deliver on this Global mission? What are our values and how are these communicated to our people? How do we live our values and walk our path and how do we communicate this to people? From a practical perspective, Marketing, HR and Executives engage in conversation, facilitated by a facilitator that understand how this eco-system works. Arriving at the Vision, Purpose and translating this into Values. Writing up this information in a way that is easily understood and communicated and then communicating this around the business as well as to people who you want to work with the business. Using People Marketing system and People loving technology (AKA e-Recruitment Software and HR Software) you can distribute these carefully crafted messages and value proposition throughout.

One of the most important elements of this process is encouraging your people to live these values and demonstrate them on a daily basis. Not just 6 weeks out from their performance review. This is where Subscribe-HR sees the next generation of People Management systems, delivering sustainable outcomes and bottom-line success. By developing a more horizontal feedback structure, there is less likely-hood of skewed results and performance based on feedback dates and manager favouritism. Managers can use the Organise, Supervise and Deputise Model to help their people and then let the system tell them who fit with the business values and those that don’t. This feedback mechanism then allows Human Resources and Marketing to hone their message.

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