When recruiting employees it is crucial to align the hiring process with values and culture based talent models in order to find the right match for the Job and the business. Those companies that understand this concept usually do better than those that don’t. They spend less money on hiring and are also more productive because they retain their IP more effectively. e-Recruitment software that can provide a platform for HR Professionals to promote the business in innovative ways is an important ingredient of the talent attraction process.

Using Job Boards as your main attraction vehicle is out dated. Diversifying the way in which your business finds and engages people is the key to building IP and inherent business value. HR software solutions have notoriously been lacking in functionality across the area of on-boarding and e-Recruitment. Now, with HR Technology evolving, integrated HR Productivity Tools can be set-up to automate many key HR friction points. Also known as HRIS Software, People and Talent Management solutions that are hosted in the cloud, can allow for complex processes to be deployed and automated cost effectively.

The ease and speed of system set-up and implementation provides outstanding ROI for business that choose to use HR software. Payroll software can simply act as an engine, still doing what it was designed to do, as well as being integrated into a people facing, engaging software system incorporating many HR touch points, including:

  • Company Policy Sign-Off
  • Tax Form Submission
  • Pension Forms
  • On-boarding checklists
  • Request Leave
  • Digital Training content
  • Recognition Feedback
  • Knowledge Base Submissions

This is what we mean when we say 'People Loving Technology,' which at Subscribe-HR used to be described as 'HR Software.' People Loving Technology here at Subscribe-HR encompasses:

  • e-Recruitment Software
  • Talent Management Software
  • Human Capital Management Software
  • Performance Management Software

In terms of what People Loving Technology is capable of, and of the direction that Subscribe-HR is taking the future development of our software, we beleive that systems which are being used to manage people information, can also be used to create and enhance employee wellness within any organisation. The intention of any People Loving Technology should be to decrease the amount of time that HR Professionals spend on administration, so they can really take care of their most important assets - their employees.

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