e-Recruitment Software does much more than just process peoples information relating to open jobs and vacancies. e-Recruitment Systems offer an opportunity for any business who is hiring new employees to engage a potential customer. Many people would be confused by this statement. When someone visits your website, there is an opportunity to engage and connect. This engagement and connection is critical to maximising a significant opportunity to tell a story, or demonstrate in real-time,  your organisational values in action. Businesses drive traffic to their website to sell products and services. They should also be driving traffic to their sites to connect with potential customers and employees from a branding and values perspective.

How do you funnel traffic to your values / careers page and leave someone with a pleasant feeling, which they remember and carry with them each time they see your brand / product / service? There is a significant reason why marketing and HR need to work together to create an integrated experience. Recognition should start from the moment someone visits your site. Understanding behaviours and scoring the visitor, so that they can instantly be included in your organisation's recognition system is crucial. As individuals travel from website visitor to employee or customer, businesses need to be mindful that they are creating an experience with visitors from the outset.

How good are yout site metrics? Can you tell whether an individual has bought a product? Have they shared or applied for a job? e-Recruitment software and e-Recruitment systems have historically been focused simply on transacting Applicants and Vacancies. Now, they need to start to leverage and harness the profile data of each visitor to your website and social media interactions so as to integrate this information into their employment brand initiative.

HR software has come of age and no longer do Payroll systems claim that they also provide e-HR services and functionality as well. HR software pioneers understand the scope in which these systems can provide deeper levels of meaning and intelligence to business owners. Using this information right through to the Performance Management arena is where the competitive advantage lies in the HR technology landscape.

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