The new Subscribe-HR Performance Management Solutions is based on an egalitarian approach to making the review process more horizontal and realistic. The functionality used to do this is Kudos Feedback and an Action Plan, Develop process based on Organise, Supervise Deputise. This action place can be linked to Skills, Values, Competencies, Behaviours and Goals, which in-tern, link to Mission and Culture. 360 Degree Surveys can also be incorporated into this process. Rewards can also be allocated to employee by managers in smaller amounts which occur more frequently, with the focus on a more evenly distributed effort from the employee. Analysis on this information can be run at any stage throughout the year, based on what HR and the CEO would like to see. Rules can be set-up to define the scoring for the overall process, which will provide the business with the ability to see who are top, middle and under-performers. IQ searches are able to be run, to put together succession planning Pools and also project pools. Salary modelling will also be able to be used to provide bonuses and pay increases based on overall performance.

The purpose of what Subscribe-HR as an e-Recruitment Software and HR Software Cloud technology provider is, is to deliver a data driven e-Recruitment Software, HR Software and Performance Management system, which requires limited set-up from HR, is easy for Employees and Managers to use and takes the stress and skewed results out of the process, which are seen in older style performance review processes.

Overlay this with wizards which allow business to quickly converge multiple data points into meaningful business decision making output and you have a super powerful People Marketing and Management software system.

The trick is to make these systems, cost effective. Easy to set-up and deploy, by the end user. Make the complex process linear and logical to administer.

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