There is a lot of debate in the business world about the best way to conduct Performance Reviews. On one side of the fence, there are those who believe in staying with the traditional approach to Performance Management. On the other, there is the camp which advocates a more modern approach, like crowdsourced Performance Management. Given the changing nature of business, and the pace at which technology is influencing the way business is conducted in an online, social media oriented world, it is fair to say that a balance definitely needs to be struck between tradition and the future in the Performance Management context. This paper explores the best of both worlds and offers a pathway to future success based on the integration of traditional Performance Management principles, augmented by the power of HR Software, e-Recruitment Software and Performance Management Software technology and crowsourced peer reviews.

Obtaining optimal performance from your employees is an ongoing but worthwhile process, and the Performance Reviews is an important component – to increase, maintain, or address performance of your employees, as well as preventing and solving problems. Research has shown that regular, constructive feedback on their work is motivating to employees who are performing well – and fair to employees who are performing poorly. It is also a great opportunity to reinforce the meaningful nature of their work, giving employees a sense of purpose.... To Download the Free White Paper, click below.

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