Businesses that do well in the current economic and business environment will do so by being able to pivot quickly. However, pivoting quickly without having the right systems in place is very difficult. Gone are the days when HRIS Software simply stored output data. It is clear, with the success of Atlassian, that collaborative, process and data driven software is extremely powerful. During recent planning within Subscribe-HR, it became apparent that the ability to efficiently plan and collaborate with Department Heads was an area of opportunity in terms of the direction of the build and completion of the Subscribe-HR Performance Management Software Solution.

HRIS Software and HR Software, if it is to be effective, must be able to roll-out quickly, without the need for Data Input and geographical, legislative compliance. Imagine, your Departmental Heads sitting in the annual planning session, taking notes, communicating and arriving at the new Mission, or putting together the set of new Skills, Goals, Values and Behaviours. This is a great start, but then the challenge is, how do you use this data to drive the Performance Management / Strategic Announcement process?

How do you quickly create and disseminate new Values, Goals, Skills, Job Descriptions etc, have the entire organisation become quickly be aware of them and subsequently start demonstrating behaviours and taking action on these areas quickly. Enter the Subscribe-HR Performance Management, HRIS Software, Strategic Announcement Tool. Plan, Communicate, Action, Review, using smart HR Technology Automation with embedded, real-time recognition feedback and bonus allocation tools.

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