Just like companies like AirBnB and Uber, Subscribe-HR is at the forefront of public infrastructure sharing for productivity gains. There will definitely be ways in which HR Software and e-Recruitment Software can support this growth area and allow business to be more productive, more sustainable places to work.

Concepts like flexible working, device sharing, knowledge sharing and management are all areas in which People Managers and Businesses can leverage to reduce costs and increase productivity. This concept of a business to treat an employee, like a customer is one in which HR can support Sales and Marketing through increasing brand, marketing and sales. Selling products to applicant or creating brand loyalty through engaging Applicants is one in which is going to be on close focus in the coming years. Also, allowing those applicants to share knowledge which they advertise through the recruitment process and be paid for this on a project basis or hourly rate basis is a hot topic when it comes to future HR trends.

For example, Applicant A, who bought a product, or found out about the business on-line is exposed to careers that are available in this business. As part of being exposed to these careers, they are further encouraged to apply, by receiving rewards based points to receive discounts of the company’s current or future product line. As part of the application process for any position or as part of submitting Job Alert or Expression of interest, Applicant A, is presented knowledge requests that they will be able to submit and earn money from, without being employed by the business. They are creating themselves as thought leaders, and boosting their profile in the community whilst they are looking for positions.

This concept is creating extended workforces for businesses without having to employ people directly. The concept of HR creating public infrastructure is going to be done in this way. Of course, People Management Software provides are going to need to support this trend by offering business around the world ways in which they can manage these processes and track productivity in real-time to allow them to maximise their efforts to use the best people in their fields. Linking these productivity measures to Performance Reviews and Performance Management through real-time feedback and rewards is going to a critical element for the success of these new concepts.

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