Reinventing HR Software and HRIS Software is an ever present process. Listening to the marketing team, to customers and to intuition is key. If you stop this process, chances are you shrink and get replaced by a company that does. This can be seen in the Payroll Software space. Those who did not predict the cloud transition, have been left behind. Too hard to catch-up. HR really has been seen as an arbitrary function that reacts rather than creates. HR Software and e-Recruitment Software experts like Josh Bersin at Deloitte have been able to gaze into their crystal ball and predict the future of HR, but these experts are few and far between. 

Subscribe-HRs’ vision of expansion is based around transforming the HR function into an innovative extension of Technology. Far from taking away human contact, we build solutions that enable more of it as we are very passionate about managing a tipping-point that has the potential to go from disruption to depression if the change is not managed well. Making more time for human contact, some excitement, this is the heart of a business. We get inspired by creating technology that enables workplaces where the values of a company are oriented around inclusion of whole human beings. We want to make this possible, or at least as close to this as possible without encouraging outright, distasteful behaviour. Not an insignificant challenge. Part of this future vision could be for example, allowing employees to have access to products that are organic, through an e-commerce like rewards system linked administered through, and based upon a Performance Management solution. Rewarding or gifting employees via a gamification like solution that provides real-time, constructive feedback and rewards is definitely possible. HRIS Software and HR Software has definitely emerged from the dark ages of Client Server, Delphi / Windows based complexity, though it still needs to focus on upping the auto-change management smarts. HR People are smart people, that have the ability to change manage themselves if they are provided with the right tools and environment. This auto-change management and self-managed customer on-boarding is a significant step up related to the cost and complexity of Legacy HR Software Systems which use to provide no transparency. e-Recruitment software which was notoriously expensive has now become muc more egalitarian.

At the very basic level, e-Recruitment software can be turned on and used within hours of signing up as a customer. Performance Management software, which allows CEO’s and the rest of the business to sit side by side, working towards living the values of the company are now available. Like it or not, business is now more accountable than ever. Did we ever think that there would be coffee cups that could be scanned at the local coffee shop which in turn, is automatically is charged back to the business, linked via a Performance Management solution and Rewards and Recognition. Wow. Stay tuned, we're working on it!

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