Performance Appraisal Software needs to offer outstanding automation for it to be useful. The pain points that are felt by HR Managers, Line Managers and Employees at appraisal time are based on workload, understanding of the process and remembering the information related to the employees performance. Managers are put under pressure due to time restrictions and their anxieties around being fair and conveying that message properly. Performance Management Software historically has been relatively clunky. Not offering the ability to configure quickly and roll-out easily. So, having the ability quickly deliver a process is imperative. Not only that, the ability to be able to review and then change the process is also important. Usually, with older system, the manager is required to use memory to define results, rather than having a process where by information is gathered in real-time. Then scored to calculate real-time data which can then be used in the review process. This type of talent management system is critical in many ways. Accuracy of results and overall engagement is optimised. Talent Management Software that incorporates real-time feedback and recognition, with the ability use this in ways to create a more consistent approach by employees will add value very quickly to the bottom-line. Action Plans that occur in real-time are also key to optimising the engagement of people. Instead of waiting till the review to implement these plans, its important to allow employees and managers to interact and engage mentors with passing knowledge.

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