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Australia is a sophisticated tech-savvy, market that has historically not had a lot of quality choices when it comes to serious, cost-effective Cloud HR Software that can be easily integrated with best in class, Australian Payroll.

Subscribe-HR has a unique blend of robust HR technology, mixed with HR best practice, to allow HR Managers to engineer serious HR automation. This enables you to drastically reduce your HR and operational administration costs. HR Managers can now have a serious conversation at management level around strategic direction and human to human competitive advantage.

About Subscribe-HR - Award Winning Cloud HR Software

Subscribe-HR has been in business for 10 years and was awarded Best Cloud HR Software in 2018, by HRD Magazine. Subscribe-HR has over 100 Customers including: Luv a Duck, The Deaf Society, Black Dog Institute, CAE Oxford Aviation, Macadamias Australia, Li-Ve Tasmania.

About Subscribe-HR - The World's MOST Configurable Cloud HR Software

Subscribe-HR is the most configurable Cloud HR Software system in the world (seriously). It offers unprecedented configuration ability, which means you can become a genius HR process engineer, save your business large sums of dosh and rub shoulders with management in a new light. You will be supported by amazing HR technology that adapts easily to your more complex HR Workflows and Automation requirements. With Subscribe-HR, the complex is simplified and automated.

Subscribe-HR's Suite of Cloud HR Solutions

Subscribe-HR’s modular Cloud HR Software Solutions include: e-Recruitment, FREE Employee Onboarding and Offboarding, Employee SurveysCore-HR, Self-Service, Performance Management, WorkflowReportingDeveloper, and out-of-the-box Integration with most of Australia's most trusted Payroll Solutions.

Subscribe-HR's Discovery Centre

If you plan on taking a look at Cloud HR Software in the next 12 months, access the Subscribe-HR Discovery Centre now so you can take advantage of special Subscribe-HR pricing. Simply login to the Discovery Centre using the code 'discovershr' and this will register your interest to find out more about using Subscribe-HR to automate more of your HR processes. By doing this you will receive a cost reduction on your subscription fee if your business decides to use Subscribe-HR's Cloud HR Software in the next 12 months.

Subscribe-HR created the Discovery Centre to make the Cloud HR Software selection process more transparent than ever, where you can learn all about making a seriously good choice relating to your Cloud HR Software. Click Here to login to the Discovery Centre and use the access code 'discovershr' to enter.

Save Your Business Time and Money

Once you have accessed the Discovery Centre, we will then contact you to see if you would like a 30 minute, web-based, one-on-one Discovery Session with a Subscribe-HR product expert. From there, we will provide a costing, outlining your set-up costs. We will also provide you with a scope, which will define your key deliverables. We do this to ensure that there are no cost overruns in your project. In fact, we have not had any project cost overruns in 5 years, due to the unique configuration power of Subscribe-HR and our scoping before sign-up process.

Simply click on the button below and use the secret code: discovershr to unlock the tools you need to increase productivity and save your business time and money.

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