The next-generation of HRIS Software applications provide amazing service capability to clients. Each aspect of software delivery in Software as a Service system is looked upon, like a service. A service is based on a request and instantaneous delivery of that request. Like, send information here, receive information from there, add field here, deploy now, trial and so on. Unfortunately for most software providers who are looking through a microscope of old, outdated technology, the exercise of coming up to speed is daunting. Particularly because this requires a complete re-write of an application if it is to become completely services orientated. It is for this reason, that all of the latest technology is provided by start-ups. Companies that are 2-3 years old.

For these companies that are on the latest page of Service Orientated Architecture, the opportunities are amazing. And the experience for their customers is also fresh and complete. For example, let’s say a user base want to utilise the latest in Social Media Collaboration through their business. 2-3 Years ago, there would not have any idea of how to deliver this, or even what it meant. Today, there is a clear understanding of the latest collaboration benefits that can be delivered using Service Orientated Architecture. HRIS Software providers can integrate into a product like Yammer to deliver this benefit to their clients and prospects. Bam, within 7 Hours of dev time, you have a fabulous extension.

Rock-on SaaS and SOA. Subscribe-HR has a visionary, can-do, positive, creative outlook on what can be delivered on the internet for Business Customers.

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