HR Software has changed dramatically. Now more flexible and far reaching than ever before. No longer are employees just seen as part of a business. The general population is a part of each and every business. From the time a human lands on your Jobs Site or you’re the front page of your website, a business has a chance to engage them and provide them with an experience that can add value to their live. Gone are the days where HR departments are simply reporting on Turn Over costs and trying to engage their people. Corporate responsibility is about taking care of and educating the community. HR Software Algorithms can now score and allocate points to people, from the moment they land on your site. If they share a vacancy or if they apply, they are a part of your business. Your business IP is defined and deployed into HR Software Algorithms, so that your business is attracting people that are aligned to your values and those who are not are still treated in a way that your brand and their experience is one that they remember.

HR Paths like social media paths, can be used to maps the journey of someone from the time they land on your website, right throughout their employment life-cycle. Data that can be used in a granular manner to balance out key KPI’s. The bigger picture of this e-Recruitment Software and HR Software story, is about connecting business, retail providers and other business to the a greater community. This human connection is what Subscribe-HR calls sustainability. Secret Algorithms that are not know to people, that are set-up to automatically score them right throughout their life-cycle with you, is where the most balanced egalitarian approach to performance management comes from.

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