The automation of HR processes is a key success factor for any mid-sized enterprise. There are so many administrative tasks that can be automated, to free up time for people leaders to do things they enjoy doing, like finding the best talent, which leads to productivity gains and competitive advantage, as well a building a team of great people to be around. The aim of finding the right talent is ultimately also to reduce attrition, because one of the biggest costs to a business is replacing staff and the resultant drain on IP.

With the advent of a more heavily contractor based workforce, more pressure is now being placed on Employees to demonstrate their value to a business. When businesses start paying Employees 80K plus, the pressure on the bottom line is strong if that Employee is not a productive contributor to the team. This is where CEOs and HR Professionals have the most challenging relations within their organisations.

Part of the problem is that many Job Boards have become churn based conveyor belts. Often, people using Job Boards to find employment are usually on their way out of their current role because they are not a good fit for their previous or current employer. In reality, people leave Managers not organisations and there is a lot of pressure on Managers to get the best output form their people. However, if the Manager has not been provided with the support they need to connect with their team/s, the churn factor begins and will continue to take its toll if adquate systems and processes are not put in place to solve such issues.

Oftne there is an understanding that an Employee leaves because they are treated poorly, but there needs to be closer attention paid to the talent pool that is being used to source talent, and the business' ability to use technology and multiple recruitment avenues to invent a model that works for them. This model could include outsourcing repetitive work, creating junior and senior layers with the best Managers in place to pass knowledge and Mentor other team members.

If there is not a good learning and action planning system in place, the Managers are usually reactive, trying to do their operational role and then trying to manage their people. Without a good line of sight on performance and being able to link operational performance to behaviours and values in real-time, its just too hard to arrive at a fulcrum point. There is a large gap within many organisations that haven't been structured to provide a boundary that allows Managers to keep their best people and train out the ones that don’t fit.

e-Recruitment Software and HR Software are critical because in concrete, identifiable terms, the right systems can provide amazing collaborative and transactionally based management of the type information that needs to be collated and included into more frequent feedback sessions.

Real-time recognition allows information to be captured and then used in review sessions. This along with real-time Actions Plans form the framework to enable a business to train people up or onwards with compassion, helping them move to a better fit role with a better fit business.

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