Of course its important to have a good looking HR Software System. There needs to be more substance than that. In todays instant gratification consumer based market, the need for instant reward and benefit is taking centre stage. Micro Businesses can now have access to HR Software that meets their basic HR needs quickly. There are some good products out there for these smaller businesses. Who have simple e-Recruitment Software, Employee Onboarding, HR Software, Performance Management Software and Employee Surveying Software Needs. The ability to quickly onboard new employees, allow them to log in and request leave, submit timesheets and perform performance feed back has been made easy with the proliferation of HR Software Systems.

Now HR Managers can say to their Executives and CEO’s that they have a HR system. Great, that box is ticket, but does the technology future proof the business. At the smaller end of town, HR Needs to change much and they are quite straight forward from a HR processing and HR Automation Perspective though when you starting the analysis of detailed business and HR Processes, these types of systems grind to a halt. Their ability to scale and perform under huge data load stresses means that what’s under the bonnet start to matter.

We are seeing HR Software purchasing decision being made now, not just by HR People, but by CFO’s, CEO’s and MD’s. They are directly involved in the decision making process. These people are basing their decision make on how HR Technology can adapt to changing needs and how that adaptation can be made easily, with minimal impact on business cost and disruption to the business.

There is much more to be seen for example with the latest craze of onboarding people. What needs to be understood is that onboarding starts when the business engages people to attract them as employees. At the recruitment stage, the onboarding process starts. If this process is not aligned to employee and business values, you may be efficient at onboarding people, but you will also need to be efficient at offboarding because if this is not done well, churn will be too high. Also, onboarding is not just about new employees, its also about existing employees changing Jobs. How can an employee onboarding system adapt to meet the ever changing requirements at this level.

It is true that a software system needs to look good. From a larger business and enterprise perspective, HR Technology also needs to facilitate the ever changing, growing HR needs of the business. HR Software and HR Automation is the key element that allows businesses and people leaders to save time. In saving time there is choice. The choices that are made will be based on the Values and Mission of the business. Without time saving, there is no ability to sustain a business and provide all stakeholders with value. Value that means something to them.

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