Looking for a collaborative, social tool to manage performance and build great teams?

The Pi (π) Performance Management Solution enables you to integrate values, culture, 360 degree feedback and real-time, peer-to-peer recognition to enhance employee skills, development and behaviour

Click on the image below to start the video. Want to collaborate with us to build stages 2 to 4 of our the Pi (π) Performance Management solution? Below the video there is a survey you can complete if you would like to participate in helping us create a user driven, collaborative Performance Management solution. Tell us what you need - we're all ears!



Collaborate with us to create the best Performance Management software ever!

Stage 1 of the Pi (π) Performance Management solution 'Performance Feedback,' is now complete, however, there there still 3 stages to go. We are inviting our customers, and anyone interested in being a part of building the best Performance Management software ever, to collaborate with us to create Stages 2, 3 and 4. If you want to participate, simply fill in the form below. You're also invited to participate in testing the software and giving us feedback as we build each stage, to help us give you exactly what you want and need to excel at managing performance and create better, happier, more productive employees and great workplaces.


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