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Subscribe-HR is focused on providing HR Automation for all industries and we offer tailored HR Software Solutions for Aged Care Organisations. We want you to do the basics well so you can focus on strategy and the wellness of your employees. Without automating your basic HR processes, there is simply not enough time for your people leaders to take care of your most important assets.

Compliance management

Now you can ensure that all Employees are trained and certified in accordance with industry standard requirements, which covers your organisation's insurance and work cover needs.

  • Capture all compliance information seamlessly using Surveying Capabilities and Digital Signature Sign-off Management.

  • Automate background checking processes so you know you are hiring the best people in this sensitive environment.

  • Get policies and procedures signed-off for new and existing policies and employees.

Subscribe-HR Workflow

Get the best, most qualified staff quickly

Subscribe-HR fast efficient social

Get the best and most qualified staff onboard quickly by attracting them using:

  • Traditional Jobs Boards.

  • Job posting.

  • Passive candidate engagement tools, like social media, Job Alerts and Referrals Rewards.

Increase productivity

Align your business needs with employee values and ensure that your people are working with care and professionalism, so that people in need are happy and comfortable in their later years.

  • Payroll Integration means seamless passing of information between your business solutions.

  • Electronic, automated Tax Declaration and Super Choices means easy information capture and submission.

  • Easy to Write Graphical Reporting.

  • Microlearning Action Plans for better skilled more caring staff.

Subscribe-HR Payroll

Reduce administration for better staff engagement and happier customers

Subscribe-HR Support

Automate administrative based tasks that take time away from your customer service and helping focus. Put all your Employee Forms into your HR Automation Software, so that you have time to focus on wellbeing in an industry that requires people being focused on people.

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