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Your industry has unique needs and our suite of 13 software solutions can be tailored to meet them



Subscribe-HR is focused on providing HR Automation for all industries and we offer tailored HR Software Solutions for Not-For-Profit Organisations. We want you to do the basics well so you can focus on strategy and the wellness of your employees. Without automating your basic HR processes, there is simply not enough time for your people leaders to take care of your most important assets.

Compliance management

Manage all your HR compliance Reporting using an end-to-end solution which allows your documents to be easily written and shared.

  • Automated digital Contract Sign-Off.

  • Tax Declaration and Super Choices Capture and Submission.

  • Company Policies managed using digital Sign-Off.

  • Automated Performance Management auditing and reporting aligning individuals to organisational goals and strategies.

  • Set automatic reminders of important HR Deadlines.

  • Notifications of expiry of Certificates and Licences.

  • Automated background checks.

Subscribe-HR workflows

Focus on strategy

Subscribe-HR fast efficient social

Focus your resources on the people you serve instead of wasting energy on manual tasks and processes.

  • Succession and flight risk notifications.

  • Dynamic searching based on key Employee and Applicant attributes.

  • Dashboard Reporting for real-time decision making.

  • Salary and remuneration modelling.

  • Strategic announcements and Change Management Automation.

  • Knowledge Base to retain your IP in the business.

Increase productivity and manage performance

Automation of your HR tasks and paper based processes in now a reality.

  • Performance Management automation to more quickly measure and engage employees.

  • Automated surveying for a better understanding of Employees.

  • Dynamic Reporting for all your NFP HR reporting.

  • Integration with Payroll and T&S Systems.

  • Self-Service access to all HR Processes and information as required.

  • Better Talent more quickly using Job Board Integration, TalentCube Job Alerts, Referral Rewards and Expressions of Interest.

Subscribe-HR Payroll

Reduce administration for better staff engagement and happier customers

Subscribe-HR Support

Offer your Employees Self-Service so that you can devolve responsibility.

  • Create and deliver workflow notifications across all key aspects of the Employee Life-cycle.

  • Automated Performance Management for fast Employee engagement and measurement.

  • Configurable system to allow for future requirements without expensive customisation.

  • Microlearning opportunities built-in.

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