Subscribe-HR has a turnkey integration with ZonePayroll

Share information automatically between ZonePayroll and Subscribe-HR to achieve high level data integrity

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The Subscribe-HR HR Software in the cloud integrates to ZonePayroll (previously Infinet Cloud ICS). They are one of the leading NetSuite Partners in Australia and New Zealand and other Countries such as the UK.

ZonePayroll is now the standard for companies using NetSuite and JCurve, and is rapidly establishing itself as a flexible, extensible alternative to traditional on-premise payroll products. ZonePayroll provides a fully featured cloud payroll service with the added advantage of a complete accounting, CRM (Contact Relationship Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) platform. Subscribe-HR's Integration with ZonePayroll covers Employee Onboarding, Change Requests, Employee and Manager Self-Service and Offboarding. All integrated into Subscribe-HR. Subscribe-HR is Built for Netsuite Certified.

The integration points that are included the integration are:

  • Employee Masterfile

  • Absence

  • Accruals

  • Payslips

  • Tax

  • Leave Balances

  • Superannuation / Kiwisaver

  • Salary

  • Timesheets

  • Bank Details and Address Details

As a result of our seamless integration with ZonePayroll, you can use your existing payroll solution and bolt on enterprise strength HR Software to do all the heavy HR lifting for you. Choose from a SaaS ecosystem of products. Subscribe-HR utilises Amazon Web Services to keep your data safe

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Create a custom SaaS ecosystem where all your business solutions communicate seamlessly

HR Software and Payroll Software together







Your IT ecosystem is customised and optimised

Your bottom line improves

Your people are happier

  • Your HR solution will integrate seamlessly with your Payroll solution using plug and play functionality

  • Integration capabilities mean you're in control of what business solutions you include in your ecosystem

  • Power with HR and Payroll

  • Integrations increase efficiency by improving data accuracy and compliance

  • Save time and money by reducing double handling

  • Out of the Box Integration Ready for you

  • Liberate your employees from manual processes and improve morale

  • Break down silos by enabling cross-functional reporting and data sharing

  • Seamless Experience for your People


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