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Control your spend. Get better value for your money. Rationalise Departmental expenditure and become more agile in your ability to flex your HR solution to suit your needs. Subscribe-HR allows you to pay only for what you use, at all times.

There are no hard costs involved with your Subscribe-HR software solution. No capital expenditure, no hardware, no maintenance.

The Subscribe-HR Software-as-a-Service platform also enables you to configure up to 60% of the system to suit your needs (without the need for a programmer), meaning huge savings on implementation and customisation costs. This also means your organisation is future proof, because your system can be scaled to flex with you as you grow. The agility of Subscribe-HR’s Talent Management and Cloud HR software means that the on-going management of your system is minimal. The inherent features that Cloud based SaaS software offer, results in a reduction of your implementation, customisation and maintenance project costs by as much as 60%.

That means your Human Resources Team can focus their budget, and more importantly their time, on business strategy and adding value to your organisation’s bottom line, not just in dollar terms, but also in the context of employee engagement and satisfaction. In addition, your IT department can focus on Core Business projects instead of being occupied by an HR IT burden. Finance can also use Subscribe-HR on an Operational basis to extract business critical information and conduct expenditure and liability analysis.

Essentially, your organisation will become more profitable and strategic by saving money and analysing employee based costs. With Subscribe-HR’s Human Resource Management Software both are possible. No longer will your HR department require large budgets to obtain the latest HR / business tools.

Subscribe-HR Features For Finance

Cloud based, SaaS HR solutions offer the following benefits

For the Finance team as well as HR

  • Integration to Payroll

  • No up-front software purchases

  • Predictable ongoing services charges

  • No additional infrastructure costs

  • Workforce cost management reporting

  • Absorption of customisation costs by using the Developer and IDE solutions

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