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HR Professionals

By centrally storing all your e-Recruitment and Core Human Resource data, and automating all your processes and tasks, you can provide your organisation with the information and knowledge that is critical to its success. Our intelligent, integrated Talent Management, Core-HR, e-Recruitment and On-Boarding Software enhances your decision-making capabilities through information analysis, using real-time dashboards and reporting. Now you can carry out cost / benefit analysis of your HR activities and initiatives so you know exactly how you’re performing and then adjust your strategies when needed.

You can tap the benefits of an online, connected world to drive efficiency and productivity through Social Media. Instantly source top-tier talent that matches your requirements in the worlds leading talent pool - LinkedIn. Allow people to find and share your Jobs directly with their contacts via Facebook and Twitter. Then track and manage the success of your Social Media efforts. Then, you can seamlessly on-board and manage employees throughout their entire employee life-cycle.

Whether you need to send reminders of key dates, create workflows, produce KPI based reports or carry out strategic analysis, Subscribe-HR’s innovative HRIS Software and e-Recruitment Software delivers all that, and more. Now, you can have access to the tools you need to create positive Recruitment and Core-HR input at your next management meeting. Enhance the decision-making of the Leadership team, provide strategic direction based on accurate data and reporting, and when you’re done, you will still have hours left over to go and spend time face-to-face with your people.

Subscribe HR’s software solutions have been designed to relieve you of your administrative burden so that you’re free to focus on more important things, like business strategy, and your most important resources – your employees.

Subscribe-HR Features For HR Professionals

Human Resource Management Software that offers the following features and benefits

For HR Professionals

  • General employee record management

  • Absence management

  • Employee and Manager Self-Service

  • Graphical reporting

  • Data export

  • Training records

  • OH&S

  • Talent Management

  • Key date reminders

  • Dynamic searching

  • Organisational charting

  • Skills management and searching

  • Recruitment administration

  • Applicant selection (ATS)

  • CPD hour tracking

  • Talent Cubes

  • Social Media integration

  • On-boarding and off-boarding Questionnaires

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Subscribe-HR Human Resource Management Software Features Overview

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