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Subscribe-HR’s software solutions transform even the most complicated big data chaos into simple, efficient processes that save you both time and money. That’s a promise.

Subscribe-HR’s integrated suite of 10 Cloud based Human Resource Management Software solutions, make it easier than ever for you to say goodbye to paperwork, so long to spreadsheets, and see you later to out-dated legacy systems. Forever.

Say hello instead, to making your people happy and contributing to business strategy with a depth of efficiency and insight you never thought possible. With the leading HRIS Software and e-Recruitment software working for you, your organisation is on a fast track to HR success.

We guarantee that when you go live, your administrative burden will evaporate. You’ll get back hours in every day. You’ll have real-time reports and insightful HR analytics at your fingertips. And finally, you will have time to focus on the priorities that really add value, like business strategy and connecting with your employees.

Now it’s possible for you to be the people person you’ve always wanted to be, but never had time for. We’ve created enterprise, people loving HR technology solutions that do the hard work for you. Like they should.

10 integrated Cloud based HR solutions, 1 seamless SaaS suite

Build a solid foundation

With centralised HR information

Subscribe-HR Human Resource Management Software Solutions Core-HR

To build a great organisation with great people, you need a solid foundation that you know you can rely on. Subscribe-HR’s Core-HR solution provides you with exactly that – the best foundation on which to build your people platform. We’ve made it simple. Core-HR works as a stand-alone option, or you can team it with e-Recruitment for a truly integrated solution to manage the entire employee lifecycle from first touch, to last goodbye. The choice is yours.

Source, hire, and retain top tier talent

The right people, at the right time

Subscribe-HR Human Resource Management Software Solutions e-Recruitment

Recruitment is the front door of your organisation. How people feel during these first few steps are what they will remember about you the most, therefore it’s important to make a great first impression. You also need the power to harness your social reach and tap into the passive candidate market via LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Once contact has been made, you will want to align values, and really make sure your next employee is a perfect fit, not just for the role, but for your culture too. Subscribe-HR’s e-Recruitment solution makes all this possible. And more.

Cultivate a winning culture through the power of recognition

Real-time, collaborative and transparent, crowd sourced Talent Management

Subscribe-HR HR Software Pi Performance Management Solution

Harness the power of both traditional Talent Management and crowd sourced performance feedback, to create a an organisation that thrives on communication, exchange and honesty. The Pi (∏) Talent Management solution enables you to integrate values, culture, 360 degree feedback and real-time kudos to enhance employee skills, development and behaviour. The Pi (∏) solution allows your organisation to manage your team in a democratic, egalitarian and transparent manner by incorporating Development and Action Plans (Organise, Supervise and Deputise), as well as real-time feedback (Kudos).

Create your own virtual HR office

Self-Service power to the people

Subscribe-HR Human Resource Management Software Solution Self-Service

You also have the option to add Employee and Manager Self-Service to turn your system into a 24/7 virtual HR office. Employees can have access anywhere, any time, freeing you up to spend even more time with your people. You’re in control of access levels, so your information is always in the right hands. Give the power to your people. Now that’s powerful!

"Take a more peaceful path to HR success. Discover the benefits of Cloud, SaaS Human Resource Management Software and say goodbye to the stress of big data chaos, manual spreadsheets and out-dated legacy systems."

Specialised extras

Included at no extra cost

Subscribe-HR Human Resource Management Software Solutions Reporting

Integrated into your solid HR foundation are included extras that provide the structure for you to create the best, most resilient repository imaginable for all your HR data. You need specialised functionality to do the specific tasks that really make a difference in HR. Reporting, Workflows and SHaRe questionnaire capabilities mean you’ve got everything you need at your fingertips, just point, click and go. Use these specialised enhancements to increase your decision-making capability with HR data analytics. Now you have the tools and the information you need to create a better, happier, more productive workplace that your people will love you for, especially your boss.

Developer and integration capabilities

So you can collaborate and customise

Subscribe-HR Human Resource Management Software Solutions Integration

We believe that collaboration and customisation are truly the way forward. With Subscribe-HR’s open API, it’s easy to create an IT ecosystem where all your business systems can communicate openly and easily with each other through Integration. Now your HR system integrates with your Social Media accounts, your accounting software as well as your email solution. Sharing data is a breeze. Developer also gives you the power to choose. Customise 60% of your system from within Developer without the need to know code. Flexibility at your fingertips.

You are unique

Now your HR solution can be too

Subscribe-HR Human Resource Management Software Solutions IDE

Our Integrated Development Environment (IDE) takes customisation to a whole new level and enables you to tailor your solution right down to the code. Your organisation is unique, and now your HR software can be too, so go ahead, bend it to your will and make it your own. Never before have you had so much power, so much freedom, so much flexibility.

The icing on the cake

Personalised service, support and training

Subscribe-HR Features Support

Last but not least, perhaps the most important part of the equation: support, training and customer service. Subscribe-HR’s support team are with you every step of the way, not just during implementation. We provide you with personalised training and ongoing support, meaning that we’re only ever a phone call, or an email away if you need help. With anything, and everything. Always.

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